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Parker Oil Products is part of the Fuel Man Network and CFN (Commercial Fueling Network). Both networks are a 24 automated cardlock refueling network with locations throughout the US and Canada. Once you are a member of these networks you can fuel your vehicle any time at thousands of locations. You just insert your card, type in your code and start fueling. Nothing could be simpler or more convenient.


If you would like to become apart of the family just fill out the Credit Application and return it to one of our the 3 locations. 

CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) was established in 1988 with the goal of creating a North American commercial cardlock network that offers integrated fueling card processing solutions to fleet managers and owners. Today, CFN is comprised of over 350 independent petroleum marketers who are committed to provide the transportation industry with fueling products 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

As a Member of CFN, marketers expand their fleet offering to over 40,000 locations with CFN’s latest product: FleetWide while providing their customers with a fuel management system that offers online access to account information and management along with security controls and fueling features. CFN offers the flexibility of both cardlock and retail locations and supports multiple hardware and software vendors for an easy and cost effective transition. And it’s your site and your business. CFN is an enhancement and requires no re-imaging to become a member of CFN.

In September, 2003, FleetCor Technologies (“FleetCor”) and CFN merged. The FleetCor-CFN combination creates the industry’s leading fleet card processing business, focused on serving the needs of petroleum marketers and business fleet operators. Collectively, FleetCor’s card programs serve over 650,000 businesses with over 3.5 million active cardholders. They process purchases of over $12 billion of fuel annually. FleetCor is trusted by prominent businesses, large and small, around the world and employs 750 associates located in 26 offices across the US and Europe.

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How Fuelman Network Means Business to Business Vehicle Drivers and Owners

Through our business and fleet programs, millions of drivers know that the Fuelman Network means business.

  • Convenient fuel sites in local commercial districts and on commercial routes

  • Commercial fuels available: high quality diesel, gasoline and alternate fuels

  • Commercial fleet maintenance offerings available from Fuelman Network Maintenance merchants

  • Fast and friendly service

  • On-the-go convenience offerings: premium coffee, food service, automotive supplies

  • Car wash

How Fuelman Network Means Business to Fuel, Convenience Store and Maintenance sites

Fuelman Network fleet systems works with many business and fleet programs to bring incremental, ratable business vehicle traffic to fuel, convenience store and maintenance sites

  • Fuelman Network has developed and continues to develop agreements with many business and fleet program operators to drive their customers to the Fuelman Network of commercial sites

  • Local banks with small business customers

  • National banks with small and large business customers

  • Proprietary fleet card programs such as CFN and Fuelman

  • Universal fleet card programs including CIT Bank MasterCard Fleet Card and Regions Bank MasterCard Fleet Card

  • In-store purchases

  • 70% of commercial drivers make in-store purchases

  • $4.53 per transaction on average according to NACS

  • Commercial vehicles average 1.5-2.0 riders per vehicle

  • Ratable volumes and margins from business customers that are not driven by daily pump prices

WEX gives you precise financial and information management solutions to help your company strengthen its balance sheet and achieve unparalleled control and security. 

Since 1983, WEX has been a fleet card pioneer, steadily building a proprietary U.S. network that has earned site acceptance at over 90 percent of the nation's retail fuel locations and over 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations. This extensive network has earned the trust of commercial and government fleets, which use our charge cards for their over 7.4 million vehicles to purchase fuel and maintenance services. 

One foundation of WEX’s marketplace leadership is our proprietary software, which lets fleets control purchases in the field, and gives them comprehensive information and analysis tools to effectively manage their operations and reduce costs.

WEX today provides category-leading fleet, corporate and prepaid payment solutions across a wide spectrum of business sectors around the globe. Our portfolio of business encompasses a MasterCard-branded corporate card; TelaPoint, a provider of supply chain software solutions for petroleum distributors and retailers; Pacific Pride, an independent fuel distributor franchisee network; and international subsidiaries.

Through the efforts of more than 1,300 associates around the world, WEX will continue to provide its clients with unparalleled services and precise solutions to help them pursue ambitious goals and improve business efficiency.

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